Siddiq Akbar Foundation Vocational Training Institute

Darul Ulum Sher-e-Khoda Kowmi Madrasa
November 7, 2017
Dakhil Madrasa Lillah Boarding
August 12, 2020

Siddiq Akbar Foundation Vocational Training Institute

Siddiq Akbar Foundation Vocational Training Institute, Raja Nagar (Amir Nagar), Teghoria, Post Office: Raja Nagar, Shirajdikhan, Munshiganj:


To help the backward populace who has no opportunity for technical education to prepare themselves for future employment the vocational training institute was established in 1988. Till 2002 the institute imparted training in three different trade courses as under:

  • Electrical House Wiring
  • Tailoring
  • Typing (Bangla and English)


In every course on an average 25 students young girls and boys successfully completed the course and were employed in their own trade.

Upon official take over by the Government Technical Education Board in 2002 the institute started a two year S.S.C. Vocational Course. Now the institute conducting the following courses:

  • General Electrical Works
  • Dress Making and Embroidery
  • Civil Construction
  • Electronics (Radio and TV)


Student of 8th Standard (presently JSC) are admitted in to the two year technical course in the discipline of their choice and appear in the regular S.S.C. Vocational Examination under the Technical Education Board. All books and Syllabus is duly approved by the technical Education Board.

The successful students of SSC Technical Course do get opportunity to be admitted in the Diploma Course of Polytechnic Institutes in the country.

Total 675 students have successfully passed SSC in Technical Education from our vocational institute from 2004 to 2017. The pass average is about 90%. Of these 35 have completed their Diploma Course from Polytechnic Institutes and are decently employed and by thus made the name of Siddiq Akbar Foundation Vocational Training Institute glorious.


Siddiq Akbar Foundation Vocational Training Institute got the recognition as the best technical institute in Munshiganj district. The institute is situated in one acre land with spacious class rooms and teachers’ rooms and library and all teachers of this institute are selected and appointed by the Technical Education Board, Government of Bangladesh.

But due lack of fund some deficiency remains in:

  • Proper Lab with instruments and equipment
  • Proper wash room facility for both male and female students
  • The boundary wall of the Vocational training institute premises cause encroachment and disturbance by outsider during and after class.


As the country is developing demand of proper technical education is also increasing. It planned to start SSC equivalent courses in:

  • Foundry Engineering
  • Light Engineering


To start such extra course proper infrastructure is to be made available such as extra Class room with appropriate instruments and equipment which requires fund for about Taka 75,00,000/= (seventy five lac). We hope that people who are eager to help reducing unemployment in our vast population will come forward in noble act.

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