Printing and Publication

  • Monthly Deen-e-Hanif since 1991
  • Some Booklet on Religion of Islam:
  • Akaede Ahle Sunnat wal Jamat
  • Aenaey Quadianiat.
  • Ijahut Tarika
  • Fajilat and Barakat of Darud-O-Salam
  • Tofaye Sadia
  • Monthly Deen- e – Hanif
  • The Siddiq Akbar Foundation has been regularly publishing monthly Monthly Deen- e – Hanif since 1991. The magazine contains different informative treatise on Islamic tenets, customs and tradition and translated article of erudite Islamic scholars from abroad. Article related to “Darse Quran”, “ Darse Hadith “ and question and answers on issues related to Islamic practices are regularly printed.

    The monthly publication is edited by

    renowned Maulana Masudur Rahman Bikrampuri, +8801914259045

  • Khanka Shirajia Silsilah Wajifa Shariff and books with different “Darud’ with notes.
  • Other Publications of the Foundation
    • Akaey-dey Ahle Sunnat Waal Jamat
    • Ijahut Tarika