For last four years foundation’s yearly calendar is published with important notation of Nakse Bandia and Mujjaddedia silsila . The calendar has got encouraging response from the subscribers

Celebration od different days of religious importance

To inculacate the spirit of Islam in the youth and raise awareness on do’s and dont’s the foundation celebrates the following special days for long

a. Ebadat on the night preceding the night of Eid-ul-Ftre
b. Ebadat on the night preceding the night of Eid-ul-Azha
c. Ebadat on the night preceding the night of Eid-e-Miladunnabi
d. Ebadat on the night of Barat
e. Ebadat on the night of Sab-e-Qadar
f. Ebadat on the night preceding the night of Asura(Muharram)

In these night the devotee concetrate on recitation from Holy Quraan, and Tazbih Tahlil and Khatam-e-Darud-e-Ibrahim and perform Naf’l Namaz. The devotees are entertained with delicious Tehari plus about 600-800 poor people are served the same next day.

Ramadhan Programme

Apart from celebratio of six different days the foundation arranges daily Iftari to the Rozadar and poor people about 700-800 and serve dinner after Tarabih prayer to almost same number of Mehman of Ameer throughout the Ramadhan month. Guest. The Ramadhan programme is done for aboutr 20 years. The expenses comes from the generous donation of devotees and,sympathizers and Musullis of our Mosque. The programme of 2017 cost about Taka 12,00,000/- (twelve lac). This programme creates fellow feeling and spirit to serve the humanity among the participants.

Calendar 2018