Siddiq Akbar Foundation

Dear brothers and Sisters in Islam,

If our above message creates any interest in you and feel like to develop yourself in the spirit of true teachings of our beloved and last prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad (sm). Please feel to contact us should you have further queries and interests. We shall be gald and obliged to provide you further infomation about us without any hesitation.

If any of you are eager to visit oe or more of our projects, we shall be glad to guide you to reach the desired project/s and extend all the necessary supports to you. We expect that 5-7 days notice is sufficient for us to organize and help you in your interests.

Our address

House No# 109, Road # 9/A

Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1209

Siddiq Akbar Foundation.

If our above message creates some kind of inteest in you and you feel like develop yourself in the spirit of our akida please feel free to contact us straight with your queries and interest.

Call us: +880-2-9113613 and +880-2-8712873