Dakhil Madrasa Lillah Boarding

Siddiq Akbar Foundation Vocational Training Institute
November 16, 2017

Dakhil Madrasa Lillah Boarding

Dakhil Madrasa Lillah Boarding:

(Amir Nagar) Raja Nagar. Teghoria, Post Office: Raja Nagar, Shirajdikhan, Munshiganj

To facilitate lodging and food for  the poor students of the Madrasa, the Lillah Boarding was established  in a tin shed in 1985. Now the same is half pucca with tin roof. Due to paucity of fund free food system cannot be continued as the number of students increased many fold. It is planned if fund is available then free meal can be served to the poor students. The condition of the boarding premises is worn out and needs immediate repair and renovation. The foundation appealing to generous people to come forward to help solve the problems of the poor students.

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