Siddiq Akbar Dakhil Madrasa

Siddiq Akbar Orphanage
November 7, 2017

Siddiq Akbar Dakhil Madrasa

Siddiq Akbar Dakhil Madrasa :

Raja Nagar (Amir Nagar), Teghoria, Post Office- Raja Nagar, Shirajdikhan, Munshiganj:

The Madrasa was established by Ala Hazrat Bhai Abdul Hannan (R) in 1985. The Madrasa was built in the land donated by renowned Philanthrophist and first Chairman of Siddiq Akbar Foundation Mr. Shamsus Zoha Khan. The Madrasa was started with few students and now it is housed in newly purchased land with a two storied building. A total of 14 teachers including two B.Sc (Mathematics) and two (English) are imparting education on approximately 200 students. After being recognized by Madrasa Education Board in 1993 students take part in Dakhil Exam and the result is very satisfactory with many securing Grade Point Average 5.

For attaining commendable results Government of Bangladesh has selected our Madrasa as one of the 100 Madrasa throughout Bangladesh for expansion technical education. The Madrasa after being selected under the plan courses apart from Dakhil technical courses  are included. The first S.S.C. in vocational course will be in Computer technology.  A new course i.e. House Management will start soon.

Inclusion of technical education within the fold Madrasa curriculum is indeed a great leap toward modernization of the religious education. The foundation and Madrasa management board are working tireless to help implement the appropriate technical education with the Madrasa education.

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